Launching a new business, rebranding an existing one or simply wondering whether your messaging could do with a kick up the bottom? Good communication is at the very heart of your business success. If it’s not good, then it’s like one hand clapping – it won’t work.

The Details....

A Business Blast is a focused, 60-minute, online, one-off workshop with me. We will look closely at your communication. Assess the accuracy of your messaging. Decide whether your strapline’s doing what a strapline’s supposed to. Package your business in ways that make it instantly understandable to everyone. Pinpoint what might need changing, and the steps to do it.

What changes can you expect?

“It’s fair to say Marilyn has astonishing acuity, imagination and perception. I only talked with her for a short while, and she listened intently, heard me describe what I do and how I do it, and immediately summed up in just two words, “You’re a PAIN DETECTIVE”. People are now captivated, intrigued and want to know more - perfect for attracting new clients.  So, rather than a Chronic Pain Specialist, I am now a Pain Detective. I am so pleased Marilyn has helped me find an engaging definition - something that’s eluded me for years.”  

Karen Chappell – Pain Detective

"100% one of the best business hours I have done! Marilyn Messik is wonderful! For all of my friends that own their own business, this is a game changer! After my time with Marilyn, I felt I had found my business again for the first time!!!!"

Alexandra Willis - Essential Oils Health Specialist